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The Difference between Household Generators and Commercial Generators

Apr. 15, 2024

Recently, power outages or blackouts have occurred in many parts of the country, and many local enterprises have been affected to varying degrees. In fact, in recent years, power outages or blackouts have occurred from time to time. Although most power outages are caused by natural disasters such as climate, there are also many that are not caused by natural disasters. If for other reasons, power outages or shutdowns occur in the past month, it is precisely because of this that power outages can occur at any time.

commercial generators

Due to unstable power supply methods, power outages will become increasingly frequent, and having backup power sources will become a necessity for various industries and enterprises. With a backup diesel generator, it can provide electricity for the entire enterprise.


Housing and commercial losses caused by power outages.


A company has to face a large amount of losses caused by power outages, and home power outages also come at a huge cost. Many households face the cost of power outages, including spoiled food and the need to purchase emergency items such as torches. In many cases, families have to look for alternatives to overnight stays and pay for mold removal fees, especially during floods.


How does a backup diesel generator work.


Diesel engines use electromagnetic induction technology to generate electricity. Internal combustion engines are used to drive AC generators and provide electricity for commercial and household users.


The main difference between household and commercial diesel generators.


For commercial backup diesel generators, power is a more important factor. Large diesel engines require stronger air conditioning systems to meet the growing commercial demand. Secondly, compared to household diesel generators, commercial backup diesel generators have a larger capacity. For example, an 80kW device has an average length of 2.5 meters, and the operating time of a megawatt level system is at least twice that of it.


In order to avoid collisions or jumps caused by the high power of diesel engines, commercial diesel generators should be installed in appropriate positions. Compared to household diesel generators, their manufacturing is relatively quiet due to the lower vibration and noise of the materials.


Maintenance and upkeep of commercial and residential backup diesel generators


Although they are called backup generators, in the event of an emergency, you need to operate the equipment to make its system available. This action is automatic and is called practice. This can ensure the normal operation of the equipment, and it can also work normally when needed, so you can rest assured.


Maintenance is a key factor in ensuring the long-term maintainability of generators. Battery testing is required for backup equipment such as changing engine oil, fuel filters, changing oil, spark plugs, and fasteners. Lubricants, inspection, and testing of output voltage and frequency are all annual maintenance requirements.


When using a portable diesel generator, it is best to check if the fuel and natural gas have expired. Using outdated fuel on diesel engines can cause problems. Spark plugs, fuel, and air filters need to be replaced regularly. If not properly taken care of, your portable diesel generator will not be able to meet emergency power supply needs.


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