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Do You Know The Configuration of The Diesel Generator?

Aug. 08, 2023

Whether you are buying or using, you must have a certain understanding of the configuration of the generator to extend the life of the diesel generator.

1. Clear the relationship between KVA and KW

In fact KVA is apparent power, KW is the effective power, the relationship between them is IKVA = 0.8KW. Import units generally use KVA that power units, and domestic power equipment are generally used KW.

2. Rated power and reserve power

In fact, the backup power = 1.1x long line power. the backup power can only be used for 12 hours in continuous operation for 1 hour.

3. Power configuration

Many diesel generators will configure large diesel engine power and generator power, in order to reduce costs. In fact, the industry generally offers diesel power ≥ 10% of the generator power, because there are mechanical losses. 

4. Understand the diesel generator set random accessories

To understand the situation of random accessories, such as silencer, fuel tank, oil pipeline. In fact, these attachments are important and must be stated in the contract. 

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