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The Adjustment Methods of The Generator Set Fan Belt

Apr. 01, 2022

The method of adjusting the tightness of the fan belt of the generator set is as follows: press or pull up with a force of 30-50 Newtons in the middle of the belt, the difference between the belt and the original position is 15-20 mm, and the tightness of the belt is regarded as normal, otherwise, the corresponding Adjustment.

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The adjustment methods are divided into three types according to different structures: one is with a tensioner structure. Loosen the fixing nut, turn the adjusting screw, move the tensioning wheel up and down to achieve the required tightness; the second is that the fan and the generator share a belt drive, the generator bracket can be moved, and the position of the pulley can be changed to achieve The required tightness; the third is that the pulley is composed of two halves, first loosen the fixing bolts, and then rotate the adjustable half pulley to change the width of the combined pulley, so as to lift the V-belt to achieve the required tightness . If the belt is severely worn or broken, it should be replaced in time. Some diesel engine fan belts are two, which must be replaced at the same time, so as to avoid uneven tightness and uneven force, which may cause failure.

The fan belt of the generator set must maintain normal tension to ensure the cooling system works properly. If the belt is too loose, it is easy to slip, which will reduce the speed of the fan and the water pump, resulting in insufficient fan blower, and the pumping capacity of the water pump will be reduced, resulting in poor heat dissipation and high machine temperature. In the production practice, the high temperature of the water tank often occurs, stop the inspection, adjust the belt tightness, and the phenomenon that the machine temperature is too high is eliminated immediately. But if the belt is too tight, it will also increase shaft and bearing wear. At the same time, the vibrating surfaces on both sides of the V-belt rub excessively with the pulley groove, which is easy to damage the belt and consume power. Therefore, during the use of the diesel engine, the tightness of the fan belt should be checked in time. In order to ensure the normal operation of the V-belt and improve the overall performance of the diesel engine.

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