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Test and Adjustment of Injector for Volvo Diesel Generator Set

May. 18, 2022

For the test and adjustment of the Volvo diesel generator set injector, it is necessary to know that the test of the Volvo diesel generator set injector should be carried out on a dedicated test bench. The test bench consists of a hand-operated oil pump, a pressure gauge, an oil tank and an oil pipe. The test adjustment content and steps are as follows:

volvo generators

Adjustment of the injection opening pressure: Use a screwdriver to screw in or out the adjusting screw of the injector to adjust the pressing force of the spring to reach the injection opening pressure specified by various types of injectors. Screw in the adjusting screw, the injection opening pressure will increase, otherwise it will decrease. After adjustment, tighten the pressure regulating nut.

Diesel generator fuel injection nozzle seat surface sealing test: when the pressure gauge on the test bench indicates 2MPa (20kgf/Cm2) lower than the fuel injection opening pressure of the fuel injector, press the manual oil pump to make the oil pressure rise slowly and evenly. During the fuel pressure process, carefully check the fuel adhered to the surface around the nozzle orifice of the fuel injector. Normal conditions allow slight wetting but no oil build-up. Otherwise, clean the fuel injector, or grind the sealing cone and test again.

Fuel injector spray test: press the hand pump at a speed of 1-2 times per second to carry out the spray test, and the test results should meet the following requirements: the sprayed fuel should be in the form of mist, evenly distributed and fine, and there should be no obvious splashing oil. Granules, continuous oil droplets or local uneven concentration and dilution. The start and end of the injection should be distinct and have a distinctive crisp sound. No dripping oil is allowed at the nozzle orifice, but wetting is allowed. The cone angle of the fog beam direction is about 15-20°.

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