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What are the Precautions for the Start-Up and Use of Diesel Generator Sets?

Apr. 01, 2021

As a Diesel Generator Manufacturer, share with you.

Before starting the diesel generator set, we should first check whether all the switches and corresponding conditions of the generator set are ready, and start the engine set when the conditions are all feasible.

Diesel Generator

Diesel Generator

1. The continuous working time of each start of the generator set should not exceed 10S, and the interval between two starts should be more than 2min to prevent the armature coil from overheating and burning out. If it fails to start successfully three times, you should find out the reason before starting.

2. When you hear the drive gear rotating at high speed and cannot mesh with the ring gear, you should quickly release the start button. After the starter stops working, start the second time to prevent the drive gear and the flywheel ring from colliding with each other and damage . 

3. When using diesel generators to supply power in cold areas, switch to antifreeze oil; when starting, use a "one" screwdriver to pull the flywheel ring gear at the flywheel inspection hole for a few weeks before starting.

4. After the unit is started, the start button should be released quickly to return the drive gear to its original position.

5. During normal operation of the unit, it is strictly forbidden to press the diesel engine start button again.

6. Grease should be added to the bushings of the front and rear cover regularly to prevent dry friction from damaging the shaft and bushings.

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