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The Eighth Cooperation: Shangchai 800KW Generator Set

Aug. 07, 2023

On 28 June, 2020, Shengbang Group bought diesel generator set with Dingbo Power company again. This time they purchased open type Shangchai 800kw generator set used for real estate project as emergency standby power supply.


This is the eighth cooperation with Dingbo Power company. Since April 2015, Shengbang Group has total bought 8 sets diesel generators from Dingbo Power company:

2020.05: Shangchai 720kw generator set

2019.01: Shangchai 630kw generator set

2018.07: Shangchai 400kw generator set

2016~2015: 2 sets Shangchai 800kw generator set

Shengbgang Group has a long term cooperation with Dingbo Power, because of good quality product and after-sales service. Dingbo power generator guarantees the smooth progress and completion of customer projects. Thanks for Shengbang Group’ cooperation again. For every client, we shall continue to strive for a better product and service.


Technical data of 800kw diesel generator set

Prime power: 800kw/1000kva

Standby power: 880kw/1100kva

Diesel engine: Shangchai SC33W1150D2

(Turbocharged, water-cooled, 6 cylinders, bore x stroke: 180x215mm)

Alternator: Shanghai Kepu TFW2-800

Controller: SmartGen HGM6110N

1500rpm, 50Hz, 230/400V, 3 Phase 4 Wire, P.F.0.8

Genset size: 4850x1850x2200mm

Net weight: 6500kg

 Shangchai generator  cummins Diesel Generator 100-2500 kVA

As emergency standby diesel generators, when the power grid is cut off or reasons are interrupted, it is set up to ensure the basic production ans life of the users. This kind of generator set is located in the industrial and mining enterprises, hospitals, hotels, banks, airports, radio stations and other important power consumption units.


Emergency generator sets are often set up to supply emergency power to the electrical equipment which will cause heavy losses or personal accidents, such as fire control system of high-rise buildings, evacuation lighting, elevator, control system of automatic production line and important communication system. This kind of generator set needs to be installed with self starting function, which requires high degree of automation.


Dingbo Power generator set is automatic start and stop type. It has automatic transfer function. When power grid off, the genset can auto start, auto change over power switch, auto stop etc. When oil pressure is too low, oil temperature too high or water temperature too high, the genset can auto indicate the alarm information. When over speed, can auto stop for protection. There are also other functions and performance.


Of course, Dingbo Power also has prime diesel generator set. This kind of generator sets operate all year round, and are generally located in areas far away from the power grid (or called municipal power) or near industrial and mining enterprises, so as to meet the needs of construction, production and living in these places. At present, in areas with rapid emergency development, it is necessary to build prime diesel generator sets with short cycle to meet the needs of users. The capacity of this kind of generating set is generally large.


Dingbo Power company can make a suitable generator set according to clients’ requirements, if you have purchase plan, welcome to contact us by our sales person email sales@dieselgeneratortech.com or WeChat +8613481024441.

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