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Scientific Design of Volvo Diesel Generator Sets

May. 23, 2022

In recent years, Volvo diesel generator sets have become a first-class brand. It can be said that while the configuration is perfect, the after-sales service system has also been gradually upgraded. The purpose is to make customers feel more at ease when ordering. However, from the design point of view, there are still many scientific aspects, so what are the main aspects?

volvo genset

1. Scientific exhaust design, in order to make Volvo diesel generator set exhaust more scientific and reasonable during operation, and will not cause excessive temperature and burn out. It can be seen that the design of such an exhaust system is relatively professional and reliable, and it is also very mature in technology, especially the design of the barrier-type exhaust port, so that the exhaust process will be smoother.

2. The addition of wave sound-absorbing cotton is to reduce large noise pollution. Therefore, the noise generated by the Volvo diesel generator set will continue to decrease during the operation of power generation. Only in this way, it can be seen that the effect of scientific noise reduction will be better. When using this, you will know that you can master every technical detail in an all-round way, so that you can use it more in the process of application. Safe and reliable.

3. If the shock absorption is good, the vibration generated by the Volvo diesel generator set during the power generation operation will be significantly reduced. Therefore, this will also significantly improve the stability and safety of power generation. It can be seen that from the perspective of scientific design of Volvo diesel generator sets, taking into account the various problems encountered in generators in the past and fully solving them, the efficiency of power generation will become higher and higher. In short, the scientific design is more comprehensive, and the functional configuration brought by it will become more and more perfect.

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