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Retrofit Can Reduce Generator Set Fuel Consumption

Jun. 13, 2022

Under the condition of rational use of equipment, proper modification of diesel generator set is also one of the ways to reduce fuel consumption. However, the modification here is carried out without disassembling the diesel generator set, and at the same time, it will not cause damage to the diesel generator set:

75 kw diesel generator

1. In order to further improve the cleanliness of the oil, in addition to filtering and precipitation before use, two or three layers of toilet paper with strong adsorption can also be wrapped on the filter element, so that the diesel fuel can be burned more fully;

2. The diesel generator set is driven by the diesel engine to drive the water pump to generate electricity, then appropriately increasing the driving wheel at the position of the diesel engine can increase the speed of the water pump and increase the flow and head. The original low, the oil consumption is much less;

3. If you want to further increase the operating power of the diesel generator set and reduce the fuel consumption, you can also install the inertia supercharger and the fuel-saving smoke reducer within the specified range, which can increase the power by 15% and reduce the fuel consumption by 100%. about five;

4. The inside of the diesel generator set needs to be inhaled and boosted, so adding a layer of foam with good air permeability to the filter screen of the air filter can improve the air filtration effect, so that the compressed air inside the equipment has less impurities. To ensure the normal combustion of fuel, it can also reduce fuel consumption.

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