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Basic Requirements for the Air Intake and Exhaust System of Diesel Genset

May. 05, 2022

The suitability of the air intake and exhaust system of the diesel generator room is closely related to the service life of the diesel generator. In this article, Starlight Power Generation Equipment will intorduce what requirements should be paid attention to in the intake and exhaust system.

diesel power generator

According to many years of practical work experience, the requirements for the intake and exhaust system of diesel generators are summarized as follows:

1. At the water tank end of the diesel generator, an exhaust channel should be installed, and the exhaust port should be larger than 1.5 times the effective area of the water tank.

2. The air inlet and air outlet of the diesel generator room must be unblocked, so that the temperature of the diesel generator does not exceed the technical performance requirements.

3. The exhaust channel should be protected to prevent damage to the radiator, and winter insulation measures should be installed if conditions permit.

4. The air inlet should have sufficient air flow and be in the same direction as the exhaust air flow, and the inlet should also be protected from rain and insects.

5. The air in and out of the engine room should be unblocked, the room should be bright, and there should be maintenance sites around the diesel generator.

6. For diesel generators with cooling water tanks, users often check whether there is dust or oil on the cooling fins of the water tank during use, so as to avoid poor cooling effect.

7. Clean the water tank once a year or 500 hours of continuous operation. For places with poor environment, corresponding protective measures should be added. Regularly check and clean the oil or dust of the water tank and the intercooler, and replenish the coolant and add antiseptics to remove rust.

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