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The Requirements for Ricardo Series Diesel Generator in High & Low Temperature

Aug. 08, 2023

Ricardo series diesel generator introduced the advanced technology of the British and Austrian, 95,100,105,135,139 series of diesel system vertical four-cylinder, six-cylinder, twelve-cylinder, water-cooled, four-stroke, direct injection high-speed diesel engine. Power range of 24-630KW, speed 1500-2400r / min, with a good start performance, low fuel consumption, low displacement, simple operation, easy maintenance and so on.

Winter temperatures are low, diesel generator ambient temperature is low, coolant temperature will be very low. So the diesel generator coolant temperature rise will be slower, diesel engine play the maximum effective power, the coolant temperature should be around 80 °. When using diesel generators in winter, it is better to ensure that the temperature should be about 80 °when preparing to run the load.

Summer temperatures are higher. The temperature of the diesel generator's coolant rises rapidly in such a high temperature season. So the diesel generator should stop working or reduce the load when the coolant exceeds 95 °

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