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Reasons for The High Fuel Consumption of Volvo Diesel Generator Sets

Sep. 01, 2021

Volvo diesel generator oil generally enters the combustion chamber through the gap between the piston ring and the ring groove, and the gap between the valve and the duct. The direct cause of the intrusion is that the piston ring throws the lubricating oil attached to it into the combustion chamber due to the sharp drop in its moving speed near the top dead center. Therefore, the matching clearance between the piston ring and the piston, the oil scraping capacity and oil scraping capacity of the piston ring, the pressure in the combustion chamber and the oil viscosity are all closely related to the oil consumption.

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In terms of operating conditions, the viscosity of the oil used in Volvo diesel generator sets is too low, the engine speed and water temperature are too high, the cylinder liner deformation exceeds the limit, the number of starts and stops is frequent, the engine parts of Volvo diesel generator sets are too worn, the oil level is too high, etc. Will increase oil consumption.

Piston deviation caused by the bending of the connecting rod of the Volvo diesel generator set and the body shaping tolerance not meeting the requirements Traces of wear) are also an important reason for the increase in oil consumption.

The use of twisted ring and combined oil ring has a significant effect on reducing the oil consumption of Volvo diesel generator sets, especially the combined oil ring is light in weight, the three-piece structure has no oil pumping effect, and it is flexible in itself and has good adaptability to the cylinder wall. The ring makes the side of the oil ring close to the ring groove.

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