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Reasons and Speed Problems of Diesel Generator Oil Pressure Too Low

Jan. 14, 2022

There are two types of oil pumps for diesel generators: gear pumps and rotor pumps. For some gear pumps (such as the oil pump on the 4125 diesel engine), the roughness of the joint surface between the pump cover and the pump body is very low, and the original design does not add gaskets. The end face clearance will reduce the oil output of the pump. However, there is a gasket at the interface between the pump and the cylinder block. If it is missing, the pressurized oil from the oil pump will leak out, resulting in a drop in oil pressure. Some rotor pumps have a chamfer on one side of the outer rotor and no chamfer on the other side. If installed reversely, the oil output can be reduced by 40% to 60%.

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In addition, when the radial and end face clearances of the gears or rotors are too large due to wear, the oil output of the pump will decrease and the oil pressure will drop. The repaired oil pump should be on the test bench to adjust the opening pressure of the pressure limiting valve to keep it between 0.5-0.7MPa. If the pressure is too high, the wear of the oil pump will be accelerated; if the pressure is too low, the pressure of the main oil passage will drop. When installing the oil pump, it should be filled with oil first, so as to avoid air in the pump and unable to absorb oil. The connection between the oil pump and the oil suction plate must be sealed, and if there is air leakage, the oil output of the oil pump will be reduced.

Since the shaft current caused by the electrification of the rotor eventually causes damage to the machine components, it appeared earlier in the diesel generator, so the reason for the formation of the shaft current is generally linked to the electromagnetic effect. With the application of steam turbine-driven centrifugal compressor units in large-scale petroleum and chemical plants, especially in fertilizer plants, the problem that shaft current affects the long-term safe operation of the unit has become more and more prominent. , couplings, floating ring seals and transmission gears generate electric spark discharges, which damage the metal surface and destroy the oil film formation. If this damage is not detected in time, it can cause many problems in the operation of the machine and can cause serious damage to the main components of the machine.

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