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Quality Requirements of Volvo Generator's New Bearings

Nov. 29, 2021

At present, Volvo generators are designed with a single fulcrum, and there is only one bearing behind the generator, so the performance of the Volvo generator bearing directly affects the reliability of the motor's operation. Generally speaking, all parts of intact Volvo generator bearings have good appearance, no damage, no corrosion, no cracks, and good roundness and surface roughness of the rolling contact surface. When holding the inner ring and dialing the outer ring, the rotation should be flexible and light, and the sound should be uniform, no noise. So what are the quality requirements for the new bearings of Volvo generators?

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The quality requirements of the new Volvo generator bearings are as follows: the two ends of the bearing should be 0.05mm higher than the bearing seat; the bearing should be free of blisters, mute, cracks and back roughness; the position is well positioned; the bearing oil hole should be aligned as much as possible, and the error should not exceed 0.5mm ; The thickness difference between the two pieces of the same pair of bearings shall not exceed 0.05mm.

In addition, the selection of the new bearing size for Volvo generators: When it is determined to replace the new bearing after inspection, the surface, out-of-roundness and taper of the main journal and connecting rod journal should be restored to normal, and then press the crankshaft shaft. The actual size of the neck and the connecting rod journal is used to select the new bearing that is compatible with it.

Generally, the repair size of crankshaft main journal and connecting rod journal has standard and reduced size. Diesel engines have 6 levels: 0.25mm, 0.50mm, 0.75mm, 1.00mm, 1.25mm, 1.50mm, and each reduction of 0.25mm is one level. There are 16 levels of gasoline engines: 0.125mm, 0.250mm, 0.375mm, 0.500mm, 0.625mm, 0.750mm, 0. 875mm, 1000mm, 1.125mm, 1.250mm, 1.375mm, 1.500mm, 1.625mm, 1750mm, 1.875mm, 2.000mm, each reduction of 0.125mm is one level. Therefore, when replacing the new bearing bush, the corresponding bearing bush should be selected according to the existing size of the main journal and the connecting rod journal. That is, if the journal is of standard size, it is necessary to select the standard size of the bearing, and the journal is reduced, and the bearing of the same level should be selected according to the repair size of the journal.

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