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How to Properly Use Diesel Generators in Winter?

Oct. 16, 2019

In cold winter, diesel generator is more difficult to start up. Do you know what is the reason? How to solve this problem? Starlight Power, as one of the best diesel generator set manufacturers, would like to share you some diesel generator guide of usage.

Lower ambient temperatures can make diesel generators start-up more difficult because the intake air temperature, cooling water temperature, lubricant temperature, fuel temperature, and electrolyte temperature in the battery decrease accordingly. If the diesel engine can not be properly used at this time, it will cause difficulty in starting, power loss, fuel consumption increase, or even stop working. Therefore, diesel engines should pay attention to the following five points:

① In the low temperature conditions, the viscosity index of diesel is high and the fluidity is poor, resulting in poor atomization of diesel, poor ignition conditions, unstable diesel engine operation, and even oil supply interruption. To this end, winter and the ambient temperature should be used to basically adapt to the diesel, such as a 35, -20, a 10 and other diesel.

② At lower temperature, the drilling index of RunYunshan rises, and the Cummins generator increases the rotation resistance of the crankshaft. Under the condition of constant battery voltage, the diesel engine can be started by increasing the power. Under the conditions permitting, you can switch to winter lubricants.

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③ When the temperature of the diesel locomotive is around 35 ℃, after the electric diesel engine is powered on, if the cold water is added into the waterless heat generator, the cold water will freeze immediately after entering the radiator. In areas with low ambient temperature, antifreeze should be added to the water radiator in accordance with the ambient temperature to prevent the body, radiator and pump from cracking.

④ Greater temperature difference in the lower regions, according to changes in temperature appropriate to increase the density of the battery electrolyte; the same time due to start resistance, the battery discharge current increases. At this point, but also adjust the charge generator regulator, to increase the charging current.

⑤ It is better to add hot water to the water radiator when starting the diesel engine in winter and never allow to use the method of heating the lubricating oil with a torch or an open flame to reduce the temperature or reduce the resistance of the Runyuan Mountain. Consequences of doing so will make oil deterioration, the formation of lubricants in the spray burning plastic block, and easy to aging oil gasket deterioration.

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