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Preventive Maintenance Tips for Diesel Generators

Aug. 05, 2023

Diesel generators play an important role in many environments, including schools and government buildings, hospitals, events, construction sites and more - providing backup power in the event of a main power failure.


While diesel generators are a reliable and cost-effective source of backup power, neglecting the proper care and maintenance of diesel generators can increase the risk of failure when it is needed most.


In this blog,  the diesel generator supplier will cover preventive maintenance tips for diesel generators and considerations when choosing a generator location.

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Preventive Maintenance Tips for Diesel Generators

While power outages can be a hassle for some, they can be devastating for businesses - causing production lines to stop and, in some cases, forcing plant closures. In addition to regular maintenance of your diesel generator by a professional, there are several checks you can perform to ensure your generator is running when you need it most.


Battery check 

When a diesel generator is left dormant for an extended period of time, the battery may fail during the start-up phase. In addition, the charger, connections and cables may begin to deteriorate, preventing the required current from being delivered to the battery. To prevent such failures, a visual inspection should be performed to check for any leaks, contaminant buildup and general damage.


Running the generator 

Even when the diesel generator is not in use, it should be started periodically to prevent fuel stagnation and degradation. Generators left idle for more than 6 months without being started should be tested for fuel by a professional technician.

Fluid Check 

Diesel generators rely on fluids, including coolant, lubricant and fuel, to operate. The levels of these fluids should be monitored regularly and the recommended fluids should be added according to the manufacturer's instructions. In addition, any leaks in the system should be reported and checked by a professional technician.


Contaminant checks 

Contaminants found in coolant, lubricant and fuel can all lead to serious problems within the generator. Check your fluids regularly with a dipstick and run your generator at the recommended intervals to avoid any stalls. If you notice any abnormal results, call a professional to check your system.


Control Panel Check 

Before starting, check the diesel generator's control panel, which will give you immediate knowledge of any problems within the system. Before starting, make sure the "auto mode" is on, this is one of the most common and easily avoidable reasons why a generator will not start.

Generator placement should be carefully considered to prevent any complications during operation or maintenance. Our important tips for proper placement of diesel generators are


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