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Preparation Work Before Starting The Cummins Generating Set

Jan. 12, 2022

What preparations should the Cummins generator do before starting? The preparation work before starting the Cummins generator must be completed one hour before the start of the steam turbine after being notified by the duty chief. The newly installed or overhauled unit can only be started after the experience has been accepted and there are no problems. The Cummins generator and all ancillary equipment in standby must always be in standby state and can be started immediately at any time.

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Before starting the Cummins generator, the personnel on duty should perform the following tasks according to the maintenance situation: The various tasks on the primary and secondary circuits of the Cummins generator have been completed, and the work tickets have been cleared and all received. All safety measures such as various short-circuit grounding wires on the primary circuit of Cummins generators have been removed. The slip ring of the Cummins generator and the commutator of the exciter should be clean, free of dust and carbon powder accumulation, the carbon brush should be in good condition and not broken, and the pressure should be even. The exterior of the Cummins generator should be clean and free of abnormal phenomena. Cummins generator lead wires, voltage transformers, converters, arresters, cables and other pillar porcelain bottles are clean and free of cracks, and the contact points should be tight and good. Cummins generator voltage transformer isolation switch should be in the off position, the operating mechanism should be flexible, and the high and low voltage fuses should be good. When the Cummins generator oil switch is in the off position, the oil level and oil color should be normal.

If the secondary circuit has been moved, check whether the circuit is correct; if the voltage circuit and the synchronization wiring have been moved, they must go through a phasing test; the synchronization and forced excitation switch should be in the off position. The automatic de-excitation switch and the excitation switch should be in the off position, and the wiring terminal board should be in good condition without looseness. Check that the inside of the air duct of the Cummins generator should be clean and complete, the air cooler should not seep water, the ground should be dry, and the air chamber door should be tight and airtight. Various meters on the Cummins generator panel indicate that they should stop at the zero position. Record the base number of the watt-hour meter. All relay protection devices have good contacts and lead seals, and the position of the pressure plate should meet the requirements. The hand wheel of the magnetic field rheostat can be turned flexibly and adjusted uniformly, without rolling or loosening, and the resistance is placed at the rated position.

Contact the steam turbine duty officer for the test command signal, which should be good, and the direction of rotation of the test speed regulating motor should be correct. Measure the insulation resistance of Cummins generator stator (including cables) with a 2500 volt shaker. Whether the insulation resistance value is qualified or not has no clear numerical regulation on the stator winding of Cummins generator. Generally, the results are measured this time and the previous result. Comparison, if a significant decrease is found, the value of R60/R15 is compared with the previous measurement result. If it is as low as 1/3~1/5 of the previous result at the same temperature, it is considered as unqualified and should be reported to the shift supervisor. Eliminate it for clear reasons.

Measure the insulation resistance of the Cummins generator rotor and all excitation circuits with a 500-volt shaker. The value should not be less than 0.5 megohm. If it is less than 0.5 megohm, measures should be taken to eliminate it. If it cannot be eliminated, it must be approved by the person in charge of the electrical workshop before it can be put into operation. Do the transmission test and interlock test of Cummins generator oil switch, automatic de-excitation switch and relay protection. Before starting the Cummins generator, install the voltage transformer high and low voltage insurance, and close the voltage transformer isolation switch. Close the excitation switch of the excitation circuit. Report the inspection results to the shift leader and workshop leaders, and record them in the operation log.

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