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Precautions for Using Diesel Generator Sets in High Altitude Areas

Jul. 15, 2022

The higher altitude, the lower the local air pressure. When the air is thin and the oxygen content is small, the natural aspirated diesel engine will have poor combustion conditions due to insufficient intake air, and the diesel engine will not be able to reach the normal calibration power. Therefore, diesel generator sets are marked with an altitude range of use. Once this range is exceeded, in the case of the same power of the diesel generator set, a large diesel engine must be selected before it can be matched into a diesel generator set.

diesel generator maintenance

As the altitude increases, the ambient temperature is also lower than that in the plain area. Generally, the ambient temperature decreases by about 0.6°C for every 1000m increase. In addition, due to the thin air in the plateau, the starting performance of the diesel engine is worse than that in the plain area. When using it, users should take auxiliary starting measures corresponding to low temperature starting.

In addition, due to the increase of altitude, the boiling point of water decreases, the wind pressure of cooling air and the quality of cooling air decrease, as well as the increase of heat per kilowatt per unit time, so the heat dissipation condition of the cooling system is worse than that of the plain. Generally, it is not suitable to use an open cooling cycle in high altitude areas, and a pressurized closed cooling system can be used to increase the boiling point of the coolant when used at high altitudes.

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