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Precautions for The Use of Fire-fighting Standby Diesel Generators

Aug. 02, 2022

Firefighting is usually associated with life-saving, so the role of fire-fighting standby diesel generators is also very important, especially for high-rise buildings, emergency generator sets should be provided by themselves. According to the relevant regulations of the state, the self-provided diesel generators of the first-class high-rise buildings should be equipped with an automatic starting device and can supply power within 30 seconds. Use manual starter. When the regional power supply conditions cannot meet the power supply reliability requirements of the primary load and secondary load for fire protection, or it is not economical to obtain the second power supply from the regional substation, a self-provided backup power supply for fire protection shall be provided.

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The requirements for self-provided diesel power generation equipment (self-provided emergency diesel generators) for fire-fighting self-supplied power supply in high-rise buildings are as follows:

When choosing a diesel generator set, it is appropriate to choose a high-speed diesel generator and a brushless automatic excitation device. Because the high-speed diesel generator has the advantages of small size, light weight, reliable starting operation and so on. The brushless automatic excitation device has the characteristics of adapting to various starting methods, easy to realize unit automation or remote control of diesel generators, and when used with automatic voltage adjustment device, the static voltage adjustment rate can be guaranteed within ±2.5% .

The fire-fighting self-provided emergency diesel generator shall be equipped with fast automatic starting and power automatic switching devices, and has the function of three consecutive automatic starting. For a class of high-rise buildings, the self-start switching time does not exceed 30s; for other buildings, manual start devices can also be used when it is difficult to use automatic start. The unit should generally be started by electric, and should not be started by compressed air. The total number of diesel generators should not exceed 2, and the single-unit capacity is generally 800KW and below.

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