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Precautions for Noise Reduction Engineering of Generator Sets

Sep. 15, 2021

During the working process of the generator set, a small amount of waste and small solid particles are generated. The main hazard is noise. Its sound value is about 108 decibels, which seriously affects people's normal work and life.

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The noise reduction and environmental protection engineering of the generator set room must be designed and constructed according to the specific conditions of the engine room. In order to ensure the normal operation of the unit, the following aspects must be paid attention to when designing the noise reduction project of the generator set room:

1. Safety system: No fuel tanks are allowed in the machine room, no flammable and explosive materials are allowed to be stacked, and fire-fighting equipment is required. At the same time, parallel electrical cabinets and other electrical equipment should be isolated from the generator room to avoid affecting the working life of electrical components.

2. Air intake system: each generator set needs a lot of fresh air when it works, so the machine room has enough air intake.

3. Exhaust system: When the generator set is working, it will generate a lot of heat. In order to make the generator set work normally, the ambient temperature of the engine room should not exceed 50 degrees Celsius, and for the good working condition of the diesel engine, the ambient temperature of the engine room should be lower than 37.8 In degrees celsius, part of the heat must be pumped out of the computer room.

The main content of the sound insulation project of the generator set room:

1. Sound insulation of the entrance and exit of the machine room: in line with the principle of facilitating the transfer in and out of the generator set and the convenience of the staff in the machine room, one or two soundproof doors are set up with a metal frame and high-quality soundproof materials inside. The thickness is 8cm to 12cm.

2. Sound insulation of the air inlet system: Silence grooves and soundproof walls are set on the air inlet surface, and forced air inlet is adopted to maintain the fresh air required for the normal operation of the unit.

3. Sound insulation of the exhaust system: Muffler grooves and soundproof walls are set on the exhaust surface, and forced exhaust is adopted to minimize the working environment temperature of the generator.

4. Flue muffler system: Install a two-stage damping muffler on the smoke pipe outside the machine room to reduce the noise of the engine's exhaust smoke without affecting the exhaust gas emission.

5. For sound-absorbing walls and sound-absorbing ceilings, install suction cup sound materials on the temple in the computer room to prevent noise from being transmitted and rebound from the roof of the computer room and reduce the room noise decibels.

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