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Precautions for Cummins Diesel Generators During Field Construction

Aug. 02, 2023

What should be paid attention to in the field construction of Cummins diesel generators? It is necessary to know that Cummins diesel generators in field construction use diesel engines as prime movers and drive synchronous generators to generate power. The power generation device with less investment and strong adaptability to the environment is widely used in field construction sites. In field construction, it is recommended that everyone should do various inspections of Cummins diesel generators to ensure that the power supply of the project is stable and that there will be no failures and delays in construction:

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The rated voltage of the Cummins diesel generator for field construction must be consistent with the voltage level of the external power supply line. The installation environment of Cummins diesel generators in field construction should be close to the load center, with convenient access and exit lines, smooth surrounding roads, and avoid the leeward side of pollution sources and places prone to water accumulation.

Stationary Cummins diesel generators should be installed indoors on the basis of compliance with regulations, and should be 0.25 to 0.30m above the indoor ground. The mobile Cummins diesel generator should be in a horizontal state and placed firmly, its trailer should be grounded reliably, and the front and rear wheels should be stuck. Cummins diesel generators used outdoors should have a protective shed.

The power supply of Cummins diesel generators must be interlocked with the power supply of external power lines, and it is strictly forbidden to run in parallel with external power lines; when 2 or more Cummins diesel generators are running in parallel, a synchronizing device must be installed, and power should be supplied to the load after the units are synchronized. . Cummins diesel generators and their control, power distribution, repair rooms, etc. should be set up to ensure electrical safety distance and meet fire protection requirements; smoke exhaust pipes should be extended outdoors, and it is strictly forbidden to store oil storage tanks indoors and near smoke exhaust pipes.

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