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Toll station power outage caused high-speed traffic jam

Aug. 05, 2023

Jiangxi Metropolis(China) Daily News Li Kai and reporter Chen Jianxin reported: "After the expressway toll station was out of power, the staff were unwilling to let the vehicles pass free of charge, resulting in a long queue of hundreds of vehicles and blocking the expressway for more than an hour." Yesterday, Mr. Xu, a citizen of Pingxiang, reported this to reporters.

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Mr. Xu said that on the morning of the 10th, he drove his cousin and aunt to Zhuzhou and Changsha respectively. At 10:20, when the vehicle arrived 300 meters before the Ganxiang toll gate of the Shanghai-Kunming Expressway, he found that there was a traffic jam in front of him, so he got out of the car to see what happened. As a result, everything was normal and no traffic accident occurred. The strange thing is that there are people on duty at the toll station, but every lane is not open. He immediately asked a female staff member, and the other party replied: "The power is out, and the card cannot be verified." Mr. Xu asked if there was a generator. The staff member said that the machine was broken and did not know when it could be repaired. Finally, the staff member said for sure that the vehicle can only be inspected when there is an incoming call or the generator is repaired.

Mr. Xu said that after waiting more than an hour on the spot, the expressway was opened. However, he rushed to send his aunt by plane, and the vehicle was photographed for speeding when passing through the Ganxiang toll gate of the Shanghai-Kunming Expressway. Later, he sent his cousin to Zhuzhou non-stop, but he still missed the scheduled train, and finally had to change to the evening service.

Yesterday, the reporter telephone interviewed a person in charge of the Changjin Expressway Management Office with the surname He. He said that at 10 o'clock in the morning on the 10th, he did receive a report on the sudden power outage of the Ganxiang toll station on the Shanghai-Kunming Expressway. After that, he immediately rushed to the scene and called the staff to conduct emergency repairs to the backup generator. By 11 o'clock in the morning, the generator was repaired and the toll gate resumed normal operation.

As for the suspension of toll stations due to power outages, which led to traffic jams on the expressway, the person in charge explained that this is a toll-repaying expressway. After the power outage fails to operate normally, if the toll station wants to release vehicles for free, it must be Report to the relevant department at a higher level and obtain approval.


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