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Perkins Generator Advantages and Maintenance

Apr. 08, 2018

1.Perkins Generator has excellent shock-absorbing performance. This based on computer dynamic simulation.

2.Advanced control system: it based on reliability design.

3.Green environmental: a combination of energy-saving and low-emission Diesel Generators Set.

4.Low noise: tailored for each unit exhaust silencer system.

5.Excellent performance: stable operation, low vibration, low fuel consumption rate, low oil consumption rate and long operating life. 

About Perkins Generator Set maintenance:

1.After 60 hours of operation, diesel generators need to be replaced with oil, diesel filters, and air filters.

2.The electrolyte of the battery should be checked frequently. When it is insufficient, it should be replenished promptly.

3.Check the tightness of the belt frequently, adjust the tensioning mechanism, and maintain the tension.

4.In the cold season, the water heating and oil heating switch should be turned on to keep the unit at a certain temperature to ensure the normal use of the Diesel Generator.

Perkins Generator

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