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Perkins Diesel Generator Maintenance

Aug. 08, 2023

Cooling System of Perkins Diesel Generator

Perkins diesel generator set to start before the new unit coolant. When filling, open the bleed valve of the upper cooling system of the engine and slowly add the coolant to the engine through the water inlet of the radiator tank until no air bubbles are discharged from the bleed valve. Coolant should be added to the cooling water tank neck under the nozzle, should not be over. After filling, close the bleed valve and open the cut-off on the water filter mount so that the DCA4 additive can be mixed into the cooling system. The coolant used in the cooling system mainly consists of three components: pure water, antifreeze and DCA4 additive. Each liter of coolant contains 50% pure water, 50% antifreeze and 0.5 unit of DCA4 additive. With a good coolant all year round can be used, and can be used continuously for two years.

Purified water is purified to avoid scale formation. Antifreeze refers to the industrial use of ethylene glycol or propylene glycol, can reduce the freezing point of water and increase the boiling point of water. Antifreeze concentration should be 40%. 68%, the concentration is too high or too low will affect the coolant antifreeze ability. In most climatic conditions, the recommended concentration of antifreeze 50%, then the freezing point of the coolant up to-33cC. DCA4 additives form a protective film on the inner surface of the water system to prevent cavitation in the liner and body and prevent deposits from settling.

Perkins Diesel Generator

Lubrication System of Perkins Diesel Generator

The new machine should be refilled with oil before starting. When filling the engine should be placed in a horizontal position and observe the changes in the oil level. Add oil to wait for a while look at the oil level on the ruler, that is, after the oil flow into the oil pan to see the oil level is the correct value. Each oil filter should be filled with clean oil, and then installed on the engine.

Select the oil, one must choose the appropriate viscosity of the oil, the second to meet the American Petroleum Institute (AH) order performance level. Perkins diesel generator sets require the use of multi-stage viscosity oils because multi-stage viscosity oils are suitable for a wide range of operating temperatures and consume about 30% less oil than single-stage viscosity oils. The performance level of the oil represents the level of the oil additives. For heavy-duty engines, the main protective factor is the additive in the oil. As the additives gradually consume over time, only the oil of sufficient grade can ensure that the engine The entire oil change period can be reliably protected. Perkins recommends the use of oil that meets the following criteria: Use 15W-40CF4, CG4, CF4 / SG, or CG4 / SH grade engine oil at ambient temperatures above -5 ° C; at ambient temperatures below -5 ° C , Use 10W-30CF4, CG4, CF4 / SG, or CG4 / SH grade oil. B and C series engines must use CF4 / SG or CG4 / SH grade oil.

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