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Part of Auxiliary Equipment for Diesel Generator Sets

Jan. 18, 2022

Each diesel generator set includes but is not limited to the following auxiliary equipment: residual pressure type exhaust muffler, whose specifications and types do not cause excessive back pressure, and when the exhaust gas passes through a 90° turning corrugated telescopic connection exhaust pipe When discharging, reduce noise to acceptable levels. The exhaust pipe of the diesel generator set and the muffler connected to it are designed to be discharged to the outdoors, and to avoid the danger to personnel caused by the hot pipeline and the entry of rainwater, there are hangers. The exhaust gas exits the casing wall of the casing and its required connections.

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Each diesel generator set provides the following auxiliary equipment: A current transformer is installed on the neutral point side of each winding (as required). The bidder shall install current transformers and voltage transformers according to the requirements of the control and protection system. Provide sound and light warning device. Provide the power cable and control cable inside the diesel generator set system, the cable is in accordance with the nh-yjv-1 type, and the length is sufficient.

The diesel generator set governor maintains the diesel engine within the deviation range of ±0.25% of the rated speed under steady state conditions, and the allowable value of the speed drop is not more than 15% during the sudden access to full load. The operating voltage of the electric starter motor is 24v DC, the contactor of the motor is automatically released when the diesel engine starts, and measures are provided to exit the starting circuit after starting or the diesel generator set fails to start. to avoid overstress. Mechanical displacement lube oil pump, lube oil cooler, full flow lube oil filter and oil level gauge. The primary and secondary fuel filters and their replaceable elements, as well as the diesel engine-driven mechanical displacement fuel pump, are installed on the diesel engine, and the oil pipeline is flexible. Replaceable element dry air purifier.

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