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Overview of Cummins Diesel Generator Preheating Method

Nov. 13, 2021

Today we will give you a brief introduction to the general question of the Cummins diesel generator preheating method. If any else you need to know, welcome to visit our Starlight website. And then we will introduce the relevant content for you.

When starting in a cold climate, there are many customers who do not know the preheating measures, which is harmful to themselves. First, the electrical plug system provides heat to the cylinder so that the compression temperature can ignite the fuel. When the temperature is lower than 10, the air preheater can be used to assist the start of the diesel engine.

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The preheating device has a hand pump to put the pump in the intake manifold and a switch to connect the electrical plug circuit. The glow plug is heated by batteries. The fuel burns in the intake manifold and heats the intake air. Warning: Do not use steam to start the preheater. Otherwise, a fire may occur. Then the steps to use the preheater in a cold start are as follows: adjust the throttle to the idle position. Place the electrical plug switch in the open position. The red indicator light should be on.

Start the diesel engine after the red light is on for 20 seconds. After the diesel engine rotates, the hand pump of the preheater starts, and the combustion pressure is maintained at 552~689kpa. If the manual oil pump is used 20 seconds ago, the damp hot plug will hinder heating.

Stop the rotation of the diesel engine when it cannot start within 30 seconds. Please wait a minute or two before starting. After the diesel engine starts, use the slow pump to accept the hydraulic pump and keep the diesel engine running at idle speed. In cold climates, air combat may take more than 4 to 5 minutes. Do not increase the speed of the diesel engine. The diesel engine heater stops pumping oil when there is no vibration during the injection stroke of the hand pump. Close and lock the oil pump. Turn off the electrical plug switch (the red indicator light goes out).

Between the three full strokes of the preheater pump head, if the diesel engine does not show signs of starting, check whether the intake manifold is hot. If the weather is not hot, check the circuit. If the circuit is in good condition, please remove the 3.2mm near the electrical plug of the intake manifold, turn off the plug, turn off the electrical plug, turn off the manual switch for 15 seconds, and then observe the electrical plug through the 3.2mm plug hole. Please set the glow plug to incandescent state. Otherwise, connect the wire to the 6-12 V power supply and check the current. The low current of the nozzle should be 30-32. If the electrical plug is good, check the resistance of the manual switch box (if used) and replace it as necessary. Note: The resistance of the preheater hand pump and switch box should be installed on the corrector and checked when the diesel engine is started. During the start-up and warm-up process, everyone must follow the above steps and always avoid the above precautions. Effective warm-up and normal start-up are also an aspect of Cummins diesel generator maintenance.

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