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Other Boosting Methods of Diesel Generator Set Boosting System

Sep. 14, 2022

The previous article has introduced the three main supercharging methods of the diesel generator set supercharging system, namely the mechanical supercharging system, the exhaust gas turbocharging system and the compound supercharging system. Today, Starlight Power Generation Equipment introduces the diesel generator set supercharging system other methods of pressurization of the pressurized system:

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1. Inertial booster system

This supercharging method uses the gas in the intake and exhaust pipes. Due to the process of intake and exhaust, there will be a certain dynamic effect—the inertia effect and fluctuation effect of the gas, so as to improve the ventilation process of the diesel generator set and improve the cylinder. Figure 4-23 is a schematic diagram of the inertial supercharging system. In the system, only the intake pipe is appropriately lengthened, and a surge tank is added, without special supercharging equipment and changing the engine structure size. Therefore, the inertial supercharging system is easy to be installed on the original machine. This supercharging method is often used in small high-speed diesel generator sets, especially for diesel generator sets with small changes in load and speed. Generally, it can increase power by 20%, reduce fuel consumption by about 10%, reduce exhaust temperature and improve exhaust emissions.

2. Air wave supercharger

The air wave supercharger directly contacts the high-pressure exhaust gas discharged from the diesel generator set with the low-pressure intake air. In the case of not mixing with each other, the energy of the high-pressure exhaust gas is transmitted through the pressure wave by using the principle of the air wave (compression wave and expansion wave). The low-pressure intake air compresses the low-pressure intake air and increases the intake pressure. Actually it is a pressure transducer. The structure of the air wave supercharger and its configuration with the diesel engine are shown in Figure 4-24.

The air wave supercharger is mainly composed of an air stator 5, a rotor 6, a rotor casing 7 and a gas stator 8. A low-pressure air inlet and a high-pressure air outlet are arranged on the air stator 5; a high-pressure gas inlet and a low-pressure gas outlet are arranged on the gas stator 8. The rotor 6 is provided with many straight blades to form a narrow and long passage; the rotor casing 7 encloses the rotor 6 inside. When the rotor is rotated by the crankshaft through the V-belt drive 4, the low-pressure air in the atmosphere enters the left end of the rotor passage, and the high-pressure gas discharged from the diesel generator set enters the right end of the rotor passage. The high-pressure gas compresses the low-pressure air to generate a pressure wave, which increases the air pressure and obtains supercharged air, which enters the intake pipe 2 of the diesel generator set through the outlet and fills the cylinder, and the gas with reduced pressure enters the diesel generator set through the outlet. The muffler vents to the atmosphere.

The air wave supercharger has the advantages of simple structure, simple manufacture, no need for heat-resistant alloy materials, good working adaptability, high low-speed torque, good acceleration performance, high maximum speed, and low environmental pollution. For small and medium-sized diesel generator sets, especially automotive diesel generator sets. The disadvantages of the air wave supercharger are: it is a noise source, and the noise is relatively large; it needs a crankshaft to drive, and the installation position is limited; its weight and volume are large.

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