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Necessity of Installed Liquid Level Detection for Diesel Generator

May. 12, 2022

The Cummins diesel generator manufacturer has installed a liquid level detection point on the radiator of the generator set. When the liquid level cannot check the liquid level of the Cummins diesel generator radiator, it will fail to start or stop. The manufacturer installs a liquid level detector on the Cummins diesel generator radiator. When the liquid level detector cannot detect the liquid level of the Cummins diesel generator radiator, it will fail to start or stop. Such a move will not only increase the cost of use, but also be more troublesome to install. Is it necessary?

Cummins 250 kw diesel generator

Starlight power generation equipment tells you that this is necessary, which can better protect the protection of Cummins diesel generators and is also beneficial to the service life of Cummins diesel generators.

1. When the amount of coolant in the radiator of the Cummins diesel generator is insufficient or the coolant leaks, it will automatically stop, or it will not succeed. Avoid the danger of pulling the cylinder when the Cummins diesel generator is used without coolant.

2. The Cummins diesel generator will automatically remind the user when the coolant in the radiator decreases due to evaporation during long-term use. Avoid the damage to the generator set when the coolant of the Cummins diesel generator is insufficient.

3. When the Cummins diesel generator radiator leaks and the coolant is insufficient, the user is also reminded, so as not to know the danger of the coolant after the Cummins diesel generator fails.

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