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Management Technology of Diesel Generating Sets in Operation

Aug. 02, 2023

What strengthening management techniques are required in the daily operation of diesel generator sets to ensure the safe and stable operation of diesel generator sets? Below, Dingbo power generation equipment will briefly introduce some points.

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1. Diesel generator sets and their control, power distribution, repair rooms, etc., can be set up together or separately under the condition of ensuring electrical safety interval and meeting fire protection requirements.

2. It is necessary for the exhaust pipe of diesel generator set to extend outside. Diesel generator sets and their control distribution rooms are prohibited from storing oil storage tanks.

3. The power supply of the diesel generator set should be interlocked with the power supply of the external power line to prevent side-by-side operation.

4. The diesel generator set should use a three-phase four-wire neutral point direct grounding system, and should be set independently, and the grounding resistance value of a single unit should not exceed 1000kva or use the same grounding device to work in parallel and the total capacity of the transformer should not exceed 100kva. Or the working grounding resistance of the generator shall not be greater than 10Ω.

5. The control panel of diesel generator set should be equipped with AC voltmeter, AC ammeter, active power meter, watt-hour meter, power factor meter, frequency meter and DC ammeter.

6. Diesel generator sets should be provided with short-circuit maintenance and overload maintenance.

7. When the diesel generator sets work side by side, it is necessary to supply power to the load after the sets are in the same period.

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