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Maintenance Method of Volvo Diesel Generator Radiator

Aug. 05, 2023

The main heat dissipation system in Volvo diesel generators is the radiator. Therefore, if the heat dissipation system of the Volvo diesel generator is damaged, it will directly lead to the failure of the Volvo diesel generator. Next, the Volvo diesel generator manufacturer will talk about the specific maintenance methods of the Volvo diesel generator radiator.

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Make sure that there is no air inside the radiator of the Volvo diesel generator. When cleaning the exterior of Volvo diesel generators, pay attention to the fact that the seams of the radiator can be blocked by debris, insects, etc., which will also affect the power of the radiator. Therefore, these light deposits should be cleaned regularly. Spray with low-pressure hot water and detergent to spray steam or water from the front of the radiator to the electric fan. If it is sprayed from the opposite direction, it will only blow dirt into the middle. When using this method, pay attention to using cloth to block the Volvo diesel generator.


Note that the radiator coolant of Volvo diesel generators is usually very hot and under pressure. Therefore, it is not possible to clean up the radiator or remove the pipe when it is not cooling. Do not work or turn over the radiator of Volvo diesel generator when the fan is rotating. Open the fan maintenance cover.


The radiator of Volvo diesel generator should not be partially drained, because this will aggravate the corrosion of Volvo diesel generator. For Volvo diesel generators that have not been used for a long time, the water should be drained or filled, distilled water or natural soft water should be used, and rust inhibitors should be added.


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