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Lubrication Method of Diesel Generator Lubrication System Part 2

Mar. 18, 2022

We will continue to introduce the functions and lubrication methods of the well-known brand lubrication system of diesel generators.

250 kw diesel generator

Pressure lubrication: For friction surfaces with large loads and high relative movement speeds, such as main bearings, connecting rod bearings, camshaft bearings and other parts, the pressure of the oil pump is used to remove the oil from the oil pan. It is sent to the friction surface of each moving part through oil passages and oil pipes for lubrication. This kind of lubrication method has reliable lubrication, good effect, and good cleaning and cooling effect.

Mixed lubrication: The coexistence of pressure and splash lubrication is called mixed lubrication.

Mixed fuel type lubrication: The mixed fuel type is a unique lubrication method for two-stroke gasoline engines: because the mixture of two-stroke gasoline engines must first enter the crankcase, and then send it to the cylinder after pre-pressing, the crankcase cannot store oil. Therefore, the lubrication of crankshaft bearings, connecting rod bearings, pistons and cylinder wall parts needs to be achieved by oil mixed in fuel. Early two-stroke gasoline engines all mixed oil in gasoline in a certain proportion. Because they could not adapt to the amount of lubricating oil required for various working conditions from idle speed to high speed, they often caused poor lubrication or excessive smoke exhaust. Therefore, modern two-stroke gasoline engines mostly use separate lubrication, and use a variable output oil pump to supply an appropriate amount of oil and gasoline to mix to ensure the lubrication of the main bearing, connecting rod bearing, piston and cylinder wall. This kind of lubrication method has a simple structure, but the lubrication effect is not good, and because the organic oil is involved in the combustion, the spark plug is easy to deposit carbon, and the oil consumption is large.

The lubricating oils commonly used in diesel internal combustion engines are organic oils and butters. Oil is divided into special oil for diesel engine and special oil for gasoline engine due to different uses. In the lubrication and maintenance of diesel generators, it is very important to choose a suitable lubrication method. In addition, high-quality lubricating oil should be used and regularly lubricated, so that it can be regarded as qualified lubrication and maintenance.

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