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How to Judge Whether The Performance of Silent Diesel Generator is Norma

Mar. 30, 2022

At the end of the year, the user will perform a routine maintenance on the silent diesel generator to ensure the normal use of the generator set in the coming year. In order to facilitate users to check and maintain the generator by themselves, Jiangsu Starlight electromechanical equipment manufacturers share a few tips to allow users to easily and quickly determine whether the performance of the silent diesel generator is normal. The specific maintenance methods are as follows:

generator silent type

Users often need to judge whether the performance of the silent diesel generator is normal during the maintenance of the silent diesel generator. The simple judgment methods are as follows: Check whether the three-phase winding resistance of the silent diesel generator is balanced. Whether each phase winding is connected. Check whether each phase winding is grounded.

If the following conditions occur during the test: the unbalanced three-phase resistance indicates that the winding has the possibility of phase-to-phase breakdown or inter-turn short circuit. If there is no connection between the three-phase windings, it indicates that the windings may be short-circuited. If the grounding occurs when measuring the three-phase winding, it indicates that the motor may be connected to the ground or the insulation may be damaged. If the resistance of the insulation is less than 10m ohms, it indicates that the generator is damp.

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