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What are the Internal Causes of Diesel Generator Set Failure?

Aug. 07, 2023

As a Diesel Generator Manufacturer, share with you.

Generators are now more practical power generation equipment, but any mechanical equipment may fail. In order for us to use the generator without affecting the efficiency and normal operation, it is necessary to understand some skills and diagnostic knowledge of the generator set.

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1. The nature of materials and oils

In the design and manufacturing process, materials should be selected correctly according to the working nature and characteristics of the generator set parts. Inappropriate selection of materials, non-compliance of materials and selection of inappropriate substitutes are the main reasons for the phenomenon of wear, corrosion, deformation, cracking and aging of the parts. The properties of various materials and oil used in the unit can be summed up in three aspects: physical properties, chemical properties and mechanical properties. Many failures of the unit are due to the influence of external factors and the result of these properties. For example, metal materials will deform when subjected to excessive force and will oxidize under the action of high temperature; non-metal materials will age, and the acidic substances contained in the oil will have a corrosive effect on the metal and will also cause the oil to deteriorate.

2. The structural characteristics of the machine parts

Each unit of the unit has its own characteristics in terms of structure. In work, external factors often play a role through these characteristics, causing failures of related parts. For example, due to the structural characteristics of the engine water jacket itself, under the action of high temperature, the cooling water forms scale on the outer wall of the cylinder liner, which affects the cooling effect of the cylinder liner.

3. The working characteristics of the machine parts

The parts that are in direct contact and are in relative motion are worn out due to friction. For example, the piston ring of a diesel engine is in direct contact with the cylinder. During the working process, the piston ring makes a high-speed reciprocating linear movement in the cylinder, causing the cylinder to wear. Parts with drastic temperature changes during operation are deformed and cracked due to thermal stress. For example, in the working process of a diesel engine, the internal stress of the cylinder block and cylinder head is redistributed due to the climax to achieve a new balance, resulting in warping and deformation of the cylinder head plane.

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