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Influence of Seasonal Temperature on Diesel Generators

Aug. 02, 2023

Diesel generators must pay attention to the adjustment of temperature during normal use in order to maximize their work efficiency. The four seasons in the north are distinct, cold in winter and hot in summer. When these two extreme temperature seasons occur, we must pay more attention to the temperature regulation of diesel generators to help diesel generators operate normally.

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The following Stailght power generation equipment provides you with a reference value for the temperature regulation of our company's diesel generators in winter and summer. In winter, the temperature is low, the ambient temperature of the diesel generator is also low, and the temperature of the coolant will be very low, so the temperature of the coolant of the diesel generator will rise slowly. When the unit exerts the maximum effective power, the temperature of the coolant should be 80° about.

When using diesel generators in winter, it is better to ensure that the water temperature is about 80° when preparing to send power to run the load. The temperature of the diesel generator is high in summer, and the temperature of the coolant of the diesel generator rises rapidly in such a high temperature season. Diesel engines are prone to cylinder pulling accidents at high water temperature of 100°C, so diesel generators should stop working or reduce the load when the coolant exceeds about 95°C.

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