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Important Factors Affecting The Normal Operation of Generator Sets

Aug. 25, 2021

Oil leakage is a common problem in oil-cooled generator sets. Oil leakage not only consumes large amounts of oil and gas, but is also an important factor that causes the oil pressure to not increase and affects the normal operation of the generator set.

Oil-cooled generator sets are leaking due to pipeline valves, the welds of the generator set shell and end cover are not tight, the oil pressure of the sealing tile is too low or the oil supply is interrupted, the stator lead-out bushing or the rotor lead is poorly sealed, and even the stator temperature measuring element leads the mountain line Failure to seal well will cause oil leakage. However, the most common oil leakage occurs at pipeline valves and units with serious leakage. The oil-cooled units of some genset manufacturers are so severe that they make 1-2 oil supplements per shift. It is estimated that the oil leakage site can reach more than ten cubic meters a day and night. Such a large oil consumption is very abnormal.

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The fundamental measure to reduce oil leakage is to improve the sealing process and maintenance quality of the oil pipeline and the connecting parts of the generator set. Check the points carefully and strengthen the seal. In addition, it is necessary to adjust the oil pressure according to the change of the oil pressure at any time during operation. Questions about oil and gas leak detection are also an arduous task in current operations. The method of wiping off spots with soap foam is not only troublesome but also insensitive. Although some halogen leak detectors are more sensitive, they are prone to poisoning and should not be used in the field. A gas-sensitive semiconductor detector currently produced can detect flammable gases more sensitively and is currently being tested on site.

Oil leakage is also a serious problem in the operation of atmospheric cooling generator sets. Some power plants leak oil as much as several standard barrels a day. Some generator set sealing oil is thrown to the stator end wire rod for long-term adhesion, causing the wire squeeze to gain weight and the insulation is dissolved and corroded.   The main reason for the oil leakage of the sealing tile is improper installation and adjustment of the sealing tile. It is also possible that the oil pressure in the generator set cannot be maintained at the start and the oil pressure is too high, or the oil pressure is too high when the oil pressure drops at the shutdown, which causes serious oil leakage. Some factories also believe that the oil leakage is related to the oil temperature. If the oil temperature is high and the viscosity is low, the oil is easily miscible in the oil, resulting in a decrease in oil purity.

In recent years, there have been several vicious oil and gas explosion accidents in many generator set manufacturers, causing serious losses. So, we should carefully analyze and take measures to prevent accidents.

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