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How to Use The Generator Set Correctly in Harsh Environments?

Oct. 21, 2021

As an emergency backup power source, the unique advantage of the generator set is move convenient and power supply instant. Then if there are some special conditions such as bad weather or high altitude, how to operate the generator set? Introduce in detail how the generator set should be used correctly in the environment of high altitude and bad weather.

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1. Use at high altitude (plateau area)

The diesel engine, especially the naturally aspirated engine, which is used in the generator set, when used in the plateau area, because the air is thin, it cannot burn as much fuel as at sea level, and some power is lost. For the naturally aspirated engine, Generally, the power loss is about 3% for every 300m increase in altitude. Therefore, when working on the plateau, lower power should be used to prevent smoke and fuel consumption.

2. Use in harsh cold conditions

At this time, additional start-up equipment (fuel heater, oil heater, water jacket heater, etc.) should be used to heat the cooling water, fuel, and lubricating oil of the cold engine by using fuel heaters or electric heaters to make the entire generator Increase the temperature so that it can start smoothly. When the temperature of the generator room is not lower than 4 °C, install a coolant heater (water jacket heater) to maintain the temperature of the engine block above 32 °C.

For generator sets that work at an ambient temperature that drops below -18°C, lube oil heaters, fuel pipes and fuel filter heaters are also needed to prevent fuel solidification. The oil heater is installed on the engine oil pan. Heating the oil in the oil pan makes it easy for the diesel engine to start at low temperatures. It is recommended to use -10#~-35# light diesel oil.

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