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How to Remove Water from Diesel Generator Oil?

Jun. 22, 2022

We all know that oil is the driving material of diesel generator sets. Most diesel generator sets have high quality requirements for oil. If water is mixed into the diesel oil, it will cause the unit to not operate normally, and it will cause the internal short circuit of the diesel generator set and equipment failure, then how to remove the water from the diesel generator set oil?

generator maintenance

1. First of all, the user can heat the oil in a test tube. If there is a slight water sound in the oil and blisters can be observed, it means that there is water in the oil. At this time, the difference in boiling point between oil and water can be used to deal with it. Continue to heat the ratio and the blisters disappear, the water is completely evaporated, and then the gasoline is cooled to room temperature for continued use.

2. Secondly, if the oil has been emulsified, 1% to 3% of phenol (carbonic acid) by weight of the oil can be added to the oil as a de-emulsifier, and then mixed while adding, and then the oil is preheated for a period of time, and finally Wait for the water and oil to separate. Completely remove water from oil.

3. Thirdly, the water in the diesel generator set can be removed by the instrument, the emulsified oil is poured into the serpentine heating tube, and the heating is stopped with saturated steam through the serpentine tube. At the same time, air is introduced into the instrument to make the water in the oil evaporate. Then cool the oil so that the oil can be used normally.

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