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How to Properly Use Diesel Generator Sets?

Mar. 16, 2022

Diesel generator sets will release a lot of harmful gases when they are in use, especially when the temperature is cold in winter, the black smoke generated at the moment of starting is even more serious. How to promote energy saving and emission reduction of diesel generator sets during operation? Below, the we will be briefly introduced to you.

diesel power generator

1. In the process of using diesel generator sets, the intake pipe water spray method can be used. The role of water spray in the intake pipe is to absorb heat and dilute the density of diesel. When a small amount of water enters the extinguishing cylinder of the diesel generator set and is well atomized, the diesel oil droplets are broken into smaller oil droplets due to the micro-explosion effect of the water vapor. Thereby, the stroke and extinguishing of the mixed gas are better promoted. During the extinguishing process, the maximum extinguishing temperature can be reduced due to the endothermic effect of water. If water is mixed with diesel fuel, the density of the fuel can be reduced, and the maximum extinguishing temperature can be further reduced. Therefore, NOX emissions will be reduced. Of course, when using this method in winter, you should pay attention to the antifreeze of the water tank in winter, and you must also note that the amount of water spray must be automatically adjusted according to the size of the diesel generator set.

2. Before the diesel generator set is used, stop emulsification of diesel. In fact, the so-called emulsification is to add appropriate water to the diesel. Diesel fuel with water will be the same as the first method. The effect of micro-explosion will make the fuel atomization effect better, and promote the air in the extinguishing cylinder in the diesel generator set to form intense turbulence, and the fuel and air will spread. The more evenly, the less soot is generated. Water vapor and water gas reactions also reduce soot emissions. Of course, the emulsified diesel oil has another effect like the tracheal water spray method, which is to reduce the maximum extinguishing temperature, and the harmful gas components emitted will inevitably be reduced.

3. The first two methods are articles made on diesel. What we are talking about now is to try to make the diesel generator set operate under high load conditions, so that it will be more fully extinguished when it is extinguished. In fact, this method is very simple to understand. Just like a car, when we are idling in place, the gasoline of the car is not sufficiently extinguished, and some whitish gas will be emitted. When the car is running at high speed, the gasoline is extinguished more abundantly, and the swept gas is difficult to see the starting white color.

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