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How to Maintain The Water Pump of Cummins Diesel Generator Set?

Dec. 01, 2021

When installing the water pump of the Cummins diesel generator set, the gear of the gear-driven water pump should be closely integrated with the transmission gear. The belt-driven water pump should ensure that the coaxiality of the water pump shaft and the pulley is within the specified range to prevent the engine from increasing speed or load. Cause the water pump to shake and aggravate wear.

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Correctly adjust the belt tightness of Cummins diesel generator set. The fan belt should not be adjusted too tightly, otherwise it will increase the load on the water pump bearing. If it is driven by two or more belts, it is necessary to ensure that the new and old belts, length, and tightness of the belts are the same to prevent the pump from being damaged prematurely due to uneven tension of the belts.

Fill the lubricant in time. According to the regulations in the manual, add lubricating oil to the bearing of Cummins diesel generator set water pump in time. The amount of lubricating oil should not be too much or too little to prevent premature damage to the bearing. Do not block the overflow hole. Some water pump shafts have overflow holes. Through the overflow holes, you can observe whether the pump is leaking. If the overflow hole is blocked, the water leaking from the water pump will enter the bearing and affect the lubrication, causing premature damage to the bearing. Do not hit hard when disassembling. When overhauling the water pump, use special tools to remove the main components such as the belt pulley and the inner bearing of the water pump. If you hit hard during installation, it is easy to cause the water pump bearing to bend and deform, and the threaded buckle or damage of the water pump shaft end. In addition, due to the tight fit between the impeller and the pump shaft, it is generally not disassembled unless necessary.

Remove the scale in the water pump of Cummins diesel generator set in time. Excessive accumulation of scale in the water pump will weaken the pumping capacity of the water pump. At the same time, the scale will also corrode various parts in the water pump and easily damage the pump prematurely.

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