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How to Maintain The Air Filter of Cummins Generator Set

Oct. 26, 2021

Today we will give you a brief introduction about how to maintain the air filter of Cummins generator set.

The guide grid of the air filter should be kept undeformed and rust-free, and its inclination angle should be 30~45°. If it is too small, the resistance will increase and affect the air intake. If it is too large, the airflow rotation will be weakened and the dust separation ability will be reduced. . The surface of the blade shall not be painted to prevent oxidized particles from entering the cylinder. The direction of the dust outlet should be based on the dust particles that can be discharged.

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Clean the ventilation mesh during generator maintenance; for dust collection cups, the dust particles should not exceed 1/3 of the height, otherwise they should be removed in time; the dust collection cup mouth should be tightly sealed, and the rubber seal should not be damaged or lost.

The oil level of the fine filter should comply with the standards. Too high will cause the oil to enter the cylinder and deposit carbon; if it is too low, it will reduce the filtering effect and accelerate its wear. For the metal mesh (wire) in the fine filter, the hole or wire diameter can only be slightly smaller, and cannot be increased, and the filling amount must not be reduced, otherwise the filtering effect will be reduced.

There should be no air leakage in the air intake pipe. The oil change and cleaning should be carried out in a place without wind and dust; the filter should be blown with high-pressure air, and the air should be blown in a low-humidity environment. The blowing direction should be opposite to the direction where the air enters the filter. ; When installing, the fold directions of adjacent filters should cross each other.

When installing the air filter, do not miss, reverse or wrongly install the sealing gaskets and rubber connecting pipes, and ensure the tightness of the embeddings. The paper dust cup air filter must be cleaned every 50-100 hours of operation. The surface dust can be removed with a soft brush. If the working time exceeds 500 hours or is damaged, it should be replaced in time.

The air filter of Cummins generator set plays an important role in the unit. Users should pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the air filter when using Cummins generator set to keep the unit in good running condition and extend the service life of Cummins generator set.

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