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How to Improve The Working Efficiency of Diesel Generators in Summer?

Feb. 23, 2022

How to improve the efficiency of Volvo diesel generators in this hot summer? The high temperature in summer is the weakness of Volvo diesel generators. The higher the temperature of Volvo diesel generators in the operating environment, the lower the efficiency. To maintain the efficiency of Volvo diesel generators during the season, we will give you a brief introduction to the content.

Volvo generator

The Volvo diesel generator used in the engine room must increase the air intake, increase air convection, and effectively cool the Volvo diesel generator temperature to maintain work efficiency. If necessary, using a fan to cool the unit is also an effective way to cool down. Now that effectively reducing the engine temperature can improve the working efficiency of Volvo diesel generators, qualified users can reduce the engine temperature by increasing the amount of coolant.

In summer, the hot sun is the direct heat source. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to expose Volvo diesel generators to the sun in summer, especially the Volvo diesel generators used on construction sites can take measures to shade. Volvo diesel generators working at high temperatures should appropriately reduce the load. Effective load control is the fundamental measure to control the temperature rise of Volvo diesel generators, so as to avoid the sudden temperature rise during heavy load operation, which will greatly affect the power of Volvo diesel generators and affect Volvo diesel power generation. machine efficiency.

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