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How to Deal with The Overload Behavior of Cummins Diesel Generator Set?

Jul. 22, 2021

Cummins diesel generator sets may be overloaded during the power generation process. When this happens, special maintenance must be performed after use. But, how to maintain it? Now, Starlight will introduce the detailed specific methods as below.

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Cummins diesel generator sets cannot be used completely in accordance with the standards in many applications, especially outdoors. It is very likely that the equipment will be overloaded for a long time. Once this happens, we will carry out remedial operations after the equipment is used. Do the following maintenance and inspection in time.

To prevent oil spills from the fuel tank port, you can put a sponge with the same size as the inner diameter of the filter in the filter, which can reduce and alleviate the shaking of the diesel in the fuel tank, and achieve the intention of preventing the spill, and it can also be effectively filtered into the air in the fuel tank. The dust.

The iron filter element of the clever decontamination air filter is difficult to clean with diesel oil. If the filter element is stuck with diesel fuel, it can be ignited and burned. After the fire ceases, hit the element with a wooden stick to make the fireworks fall, and the dirt on the surface of the filter element can be completely removed.

High-pressure oil pipe wear and oil leakage. Diesel engine high-pressure oil pipes have abrasion and oil leakage at the connections between the two ends of the high-pressure oil pipe and the injector and delivery valve. Cut a round copper sheet from the waste cylinder gasket, and pierce a small hole in the middle to make a smooth pad. In between the convex pits can alleviate the urgent need.

Check the elasticity of the piston ring. If you suspect that the elasticity of the piston ring is lacking, you can put the same type of standard new ring and the old ring hole circle stack together vertically, and make the openings of the two rings in a horizontal position. Then press the two rings with your hands. If the opening of the new ring has not moved, the opening of the old ring has been closed, indicating that the old ring has excellent elasticity and can be used continuously.

Ingeniously repair the broken paper pad and connect the broken place, apply a small amount of butter on both sides of the paper pad, then cut two thin white papers of the same size as the paper pad, paste them on both sides of the paper pad, install it on the machine, and tighten the nuts.

Ingeniously remove scales, take two large old loofahs that have been peeled and seeded, cleaned, put them in the water tank, and replace them regularly.

Repair method of oil tank leakage: If found the fuel tank oil leakage, wipe off it and apply soap or bubble gum to the oil leakage to reduce the leakage. If there is an adhesive such as epoxy resin for temporary plugging leak.

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