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How to Choose Brushes for Cummins Generator Set?

Jan. 17, 2022

Today we will briefly introduce to you how to choose the brush of Cummins generator set.

From an intuitive point of view, the brush should be chamfered properly, the specifications are appropriate, the structure specification, the cross-section and length of the wire meet the requirements, and there should be no looseness, falling off, damage, edge drop, angle drop, clamp and other phenomena.

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From the point of view of use, the signs of good performance of the brush mainly include the following situations: Long service life and no wear of the commutator or collector ring. It has good commutation and current collecting performance, so that the spark is suppressed within the allowable range, and the energy loss is small. When the brush is running, it is not overheated, the noise is small, and it is not damaged. During operation, a uniform, moderate and stable oxide film can be quickly formed on the surface of the commutator or collector ring.

The brushes are detected by the instrument. From a technical point of view, the brush should meet the standards issued by the state. Through the instrument, the brush can be tested according to the performance required by the "Brush Technical Performance Table". Such as brush resistivity, Rockwell hardness, bulk density, current density, contact voltage drop, friction coefficient, 50-hour wear, allowable peripheral speed, unit pressure, and even the size of metal content, etc.

On the same Cummins generator set, the brushes of the same type and the same manufacturer should be selected. Since the performance of brushes produced by different manufacturers varies greatly, even the performance of brushes produced by the same manufacturer at different times is also different. Therefore, for the same Cummins generator set, the same model and the same manufacturer should be selected as far as possible, preferably the brushes produced at the same time, to prevent the imbalance of the current distribution of the parallel brushes due to the difference in the performance of the brushes, which will affect the Cummins. normal operation of the generator set.

For individual large and medium-sized Cummins generator sets with particularly difficult commutation, split-braided brushes can be selected. The purpose is to improve the commutation performance by increasing the short-circuit current in the brushes. For Cummins generator sets that are difficult to commutate in one direction, combined brushes can be selected. That is, choose to use low-resistance graphite-based electrochemical graphite brushes with good lubricity and strong film-forming ability when sliding in, and choose carbon black-based electrochemical graphite brushes with good commutation performance and high resistivity when sliding out. In this way, it is easy to form an oxide film, and it also greatly improves the commutation performance. Carbon fiber composite brushes can also be used on the sliding side to highlight the characteristics of its strong arc extinguishing ability, so that the operation of the Cummins generator set can achieve the best results.

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