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How to Choose a Suitable UPS for 800kw Silent Generator?

Mar. 22, 2022

Today, we will briefly introduce to you the simple analysis of how to choose a suitable UPS for 800kw silent generators.

The silent generator is a complete set of mechanical equipment that converts diesel energy into electrical energy. It consists of a power system, a control system, a silencer system, a shock absorption system, and an exhaust system. It is driven by a diesel engine or other power machinery to burn water, airflow, and fuel. Or the energy generated by nuclear fission is converted into mechanical energy and transmitted to the generator, which is then converted into electrical energy by the generator and output to the electrical equipment for use.

generator silent type

Now the power supply system adopts the power supply system of "mains + silent generator + high-power UPS" structure. However, in the actual use process, due to various reasons, it often occurs at the critical moment when the mains is abnormal, and the silent generator or UPS cannot work normally, which seriously affects the safe operation of key businesses.

Based on a comprehensive understanding of the relevant characteristics of high-power UPS and 800kw silent generators, diesel generator manufacturers suggest that users need to understand the load information in as much detail as possible, and then appropriately amplify and select the output power of silent generators. Under this premise, if the load rate of 60%-80% can be achieved as far as possible, it is more beneficial to the silent generator; the generator with small output impedance and good transient response capability should be selected as much as possible; the generator's voltage regulation excitation adjustment is recommended to use Types that are less affected by harmonics, such as PMG permanent magnet generators; it is recommended to use three-phase detection and averaging instead of single-phase detection for voltage detection of generator AVR, so as to improve the stability of voltage detection and reduce voltage fluctuations impact on generators;

Quiet generators with different working modes have different load carrying capacity for nonlinear loads. For example, two-stroke silent generators are better than four-stroke silent generators; it should be noted that if the controller parameters of silent generators are not properly set, It will also cause incompatibility with the UPS; when the UPS is put into use, if it is found that the value of the voltage and frequency meter of the silent generator is unstable, properly adjusting the sensitivity knob of the AVR may solve the problem;

In order to avoid the AC interference signal affecting the performance of the engine electronic governor, the shell of the governor should be well grounded, and good shielding measures should be taken for its speed sensing signal; it is recommended to load the silent generator in a step-by-step manner. In principle, the large load starts first, and the small load starts later.

Secondly, the active power output by the silent generator depends on the output of the engine, and the apparent power mainly depends on the generator capacity. Therefore, when the silent generator is loaded with non-linear loads such as UPS, it only needs to increase the generator capacity, and its transient characteristics will be greatly enhanced, while the output active power of the entire unit does not increase. Practice has proved that it is completely feasible to use this "small horse-drawn cart" method to solve the matching problem of UPS and silent generator, and can save a relatively considerable investment cost for users.

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