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How to Break in and Use Diesel Generators After Overhaul?

Aug. 16, 2021

Once the diesel generator fails, strict maintenance must be carried out before it can be put into load operation again. Letting the diesel generator run with illness will often cause the consequences of not worth the gain. However, the engineers of diesel generator manufacturers with practical experience warn our users: When the diesel generator undergoes overhaul, it must go through the working procedure of running-in before it can be put into work. What kind of running-in steps should be carried out for the overhaul of the unit?

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After the diesel generator is overhauled, it takes a period of running-in work before it can be put into operation. This is because there are many replacement parts in the diesel generator repair factory, and the surface of the newly installed parts may be relatively rough, plus the assembly quality The reason is that the new parts cannot form a normal fit gap with other parts or parts in the initial stage, so the diesel generator after the overhaul must be run-in before it can be put into operation.

1. Cold running-in of diesel generator: The diesel generator does not need to be started, but there is a battery pack or artificially prying the engine flywheel to make the unit rotate. After cold running-in, all the lubricating oil in the oil shell of the diesel generator should be drained. And clean it again with new engine oil;

2. Diesel generator thermal running-in: first let the diesel generator run-in under no-load conditions. At this time, the running-in speed of the diesel generator can be controlled within 1200 rpm. After the various technical indicators meet the requirements of no-load running-in, Perform thermal break-in. This period of time is generally about 60 hours, and diesel generator operators can also decide according to specific conditions. In the process of loading, there must be a gradual increase in the load from small to large to reach the normal standard for diesel generators to reach thermal run-in;

3. During the thermal running-in process of the diesel generator, the temperature of the engine oil should be controlled within the range of 65-75℃, and the temperature of the cooling water should be controlled within the range of 70-81℃.

After the diesel generator is repaired, the load operation can only be carried out after the above running-in steps are up to the standard. Users should remember that the price of diesel generators is not low, and it will not cause the loss of secondary benefits due to unqualified repairs again.

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