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How to Avoid Excessive Wear of Volvo Diesel Generator Sets

Aug. 05, 2023

During the operation of Volvo diesel generator sets, it is inevitable that wear and tear occur. What are the main influencing factors? Generally, temperature is an important factor affecting wear. The following Volvo diesel generator set manufacturers will introduce how to avoid excessive wear.

Ways to avoid excessive wear of Volvo diesel generator sets: reasonably select the operating conditions of the diesel engine, improve the running-in quality of the diesel engine, select fuel and lubricating oil suitable for the engine's work needs, improve the operating technology level, and perform timely maintenance. These methods can effectively reduce the wear and tear of Volvo diesel generator sets, thereby prolonging the service life of Volvo diesel generator sets.

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Volvo diesel generator sets will inevitably wear out after a period of use, which is normal. However, if there is unreasonable excessive wear, this situation is abnormal. It may be due to improper use by the user, or it may be due to some malfunction of the machine. Therefore, the user should understand which factors will make the Volvo diesel generator set wear, and then prescribe the right medicine to avoid excessive wear.

Volvo diesel generator sets such as Cummins diesel generator sets, Volvo diesel generator sets, Perkins Volvo diesel generator sets are generally affected by the quality of fuel and lubricating oil, the operating speed and load of the diesel engine, environmental conditions and operating conditions. influences.

The quality of fuel and lubricating oil should be compatible with the structure of the diesel engine. If the diesel contains sulfur or other impurities, acids and other corrosive substances will be produced during the combustion process, which will accelerate the wear of the cylinder; too much heavy distillate in the diesel will easily form carbon deposits after combustion, which will make the piston ring and The cylinder produces abrasive wear; the viscosity of diesel fuel has an impact on the formation of the mixture and the reliability of the fuel supply equipment. For lubricating oil, viscosity and oxidation resistance are the most influential. It should be selected and used reasonably according to the working conditions of the diesel engine and must not be used indiscriminately.

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