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How Does Frequency Affect Cummins Generator Sets?

Nov. 25, 2021

Today we will give you a brief introduction about how the frequency affects the Cummins generator set.

First of all, the impact of high frequency on Cummins generator sets is that the increase in frequency is mainly limited by the strength of the rotating machinery, which causes the motor to rotate at a high speed, the centrifugal force of the rotor increases, and a part of the rotor is easily damaged.

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The main effects of low frequency on Cummins generator set are:

Due to the decrease in frequency, the rotor speed decreases, the amount of air blown from the fans at both ends decreases, the cooling condition of the generator deteriorates, and the temperature of each component increases. Because the frequency is low, the temperature of the rotor coil rises. Otherwise, the output power will be reduced.

Even at low frequencies, turbine blades may break. When the frequency drops, in order to keep the terminal voltage constant, it is necessary to increase the magnetic flux. This makes the stator core easy to saturate, the magnetic flux escapes, and some structural parts of the machine become locally hot, and some parts emit sparks.

When the frequency is low, the speed of the auxiliary motor is reduced, and the output is reduced, which also has a negative impact on the safety of the user's power consumption, product quality and efficiency. The low frequency and low voltage are because the induced potential depends on the rotation speed. At the same time, the low speed of the generator also reduces the output of the coaxial exciter and affects the output of reactive power.

It can be seen that ensuring the proper frequency can achieve the purpose of Cummins generator set operation. Therefore, when operating a Cummins generator set, everyone must pay attention to the frequency. The frequency of the Cummins generator set should be 5% higher than the rated value to avoid exceeding 52.5HZ.

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