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High-rise Building Requirements for Power Supply of Generator Sets

Mar. 09, 2022

The supporting equipment of the generator set is relatively simple, with less auxiliary equipment, small size and light weight. Taking a high-speed diesel engine as an example, it is generally 820kg/KW, and the steam power equipment is more than 4 times larger than the diesel engine. Due to the characteristics of the generator set, it is quick and easy to move.

The generator sets used as the main power source for independent power supply mostly receive independent configuration methods, while backup or emergency generator sets are generally used together with variable distribution equipment. Because the generator set generally does not work in parallel with the municipal power grid, and the generator set does not need an overflowing water source [the cooling water consumption of the diesel engine is 3482L/(KW.h), which is only 1/10 of that of the steam turbine generator set], and the floor space is small. , so the equipment of the unit is more flexible.

generator maintenance

At present, many high-rise buildings in China use generator sets for power supply, but high-rise buildings require high reliability for the power supply of generator sets, so general generator sets cannot meet the operating standards of high-rise buildings at all. Explain the selection requirements for high-rise buildings:

1. Initiation method. When the generator set starts, it is necessary to drive the crankshaft to rotate by external force. When it reaches a certain speed, the air in the cylinder is compressed to a certain pressure and temperature, so that the fuel injected into the cylinder is initially burned, and the diesel engine starts to work. In high-rise buildings, the electric starting method should be used, and the compressed air starting method should be avoided.

2. Cooling method. During the working process of the diesel engine, high temperature occurs due to the combustion of diesel oil. In order to ensure that the heated parts of the diesel engine and the outer casing of the supercharger are not affected by the high temperature, and to ensure the smoothness of each working surface, the heated part must be cooled. When the diesel engine is poorly cooled and the temperature of the parts is too high, it will cause some problems. Diesel engine parts should not be overcooled, and if the temperature of the parts is too low, adverse consequences will also occur. In high-rise buildings, in general, a closed water circulation cooling unit should be selected, which occupies a small area and space.

3. Speed. The generator set is divided into three categories according to the speed: high, medium and low. High-speed units should be used in high-rise buildings. This kind of generator set has the advantages of small size, light weight and reliable operation.

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