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How Much Diesel Generator Set Power Should Be Fitted to a Motor?

Aug. 08, 2023

If there is a motor with 8km, then how much high power Diesel Generator Set need to be equipped? About 30km diesel generator is needed. Because the instantaneous starting current power is relatively large, it is generally about 3times that of the motor, so as to ensure the motor performs uniform motion, protect the suitability of the unit.

Each High Quality Diesel Generator product has its own unique model, and each model’s features are different. In order to facilitate production management and use, the State has made uniform stipulation on the name and model.

1.Output rated power (KW), with a digital representation.

2.Z stands for automation units, S stands for low noise units, SZ stands for low noise automation units. 

3.The design number and variant code use numbers to indicate. 

4.TH represents hot and humid type.

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