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Hazards of Scale in The Cummins Generator Set Water Tank

Jun. 29, 2022

Scale in the water tank of the Cummins generator set not only affects the heat dissipation effect, but also reduces the service life of the unit. The formation of scale is due to the combination of calcium and magnesium ions in the tap water with inorganic salts in the cooling liquid to form scale, and the silica scale mainly comes from the silicate in the inorganic cooling liquid.

generator cummins

Metal scale is mainly iron scale and solder scale. The former is mainly formed by the protective film formed by the reaction between the inorganic salt in the ordinary inorganic cooling liquid and the iron metal on the cylinder body due to consumption and falling off, while the latter is caused by the strong oxidizing inorganic salt corrosion inhibitor aggravating the "blooming" of the solder. The fluffy sediment formed. Therefore, if the cooling system needs to add water, it is not possible to directly add tap water but to use coolant or distilled water.

The service life of the Cummins generator set is directly related to the usual maintenance. The Cummins generator set should be cleaned regularly, which can minimize the wear and tear of the Cummins generator set in use. If there is too much scale in the water tank of the Cummins generator set, It will seriously affect the service life of the diesel engine, so it is necessary to regularly remove the scale in the water tank of the diesel engine.

The specific operation method to remove the scale in the water tank of the Cummins generator set is as follows: first, use 30 kg of water, 2.5 kg of caustic soda, and 0.6 kg of kerosene to prepare a cleaning solution and pour it into the water tank. Then start the diesel engine, run it at medium speed for about 10 minutes and then turn off the engine. After 10 to 12 hours, restart the diesel engine, run at medium speed for about 10 minutes, turn off the engine, and release the cleaning fluid. After adding clean cooling water, start the diesel engine and run at medium speed to clean it by itself. Repeat this 2 to 3 times to completely remove the scale.

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