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GF Series Diesel Generator Set Quality Warranty User Notice

Jan. 01, 1970

I. Subject content and scope of application.


1. Subject content.

The service scope of "quality warranty" is implemented for GF system diesel generator set produced by Guangxi Dingbo Power Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. If the product fails or parts are damaged due to manufacturing, assembly, material and other quality problems within the specified service conditions, the user will be repaired or replaced with corresponding parts free of charge to ensure the normal use of the product.


2. Scope of application.

It is applicable to the "quality warranty" service scope of GF series diesel generator sets produced by Guangxi Dingbo Power Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. as the basis of the service department of Guangxi Dingbo Power Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.


II.  Quality warranty principle.


1. The user shall use and maintain in strict accordance with the Operation and Maintenance Manual and relevant use documents within the warranty period specified by Dingbo. If the diesel engine parts are damaged due to quality reasons such as product manufacturing, assembly and materials, the damaged parts shall be sent back to Guangxi Dingbo Power Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. Service Department for analysis after being identified and confirmed as Dingbo Power's responsibility by Dingbo Power service personnel.


2. If parts or assemblies are damaged due to product quality, warranty service will be provided. In principle, repair and replacement of corresponding parts will be adopted. Generally, diesel engine or generator assembly will not be replaced. If it is necessary to replace the whole machine, it must be reported to Dingbo Power Service Department for approval before implementation.


3. When the user requires quality warranty, the product certificate or product warranty card and purchase invoice shall be provided (if there is no purchase invoice, the quality warranty time shall be subject to the factory date marked on the product nameplate, and the generator set operation record shall also be provided as the basis for failure cause analysis).


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III. The scope of "warranty" is not allowed.


1. There is no certificate, product manual or certificate, and the model and number on the certificate are inconsistent with the machine.

2. Failing to use and maintain according to the requirements of the Manual, or disassembling and adjusting the parts that are not allowed to be adjusted according to the provisions of relevant documents without permission and without warranty.

3. Damage caused by self modification.

4. Accident damage caused by improper use.

5. If the diesel generator set is abnormal during operation, it will not be stopped in time for inspection and troubleshooting, but will continue to use the diesel generator set in a "defective" manner.

6. The user repairs and replaces the parts by himself, which causes the failure site to be damaged and cannot be identified.

7. Failure occurs due to self selection of unqualified parts for maintenance.

8. Damaged due to water shortage, oil shortage and output short circuit.

9. The user rejects, prevents repair, checks, analyzes and identifies the fault.

10. Failing to maintain according to the requirements of the Manual and causing failure.

11. Damage caused by force majeure.


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